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Hazmat Shipping

Hazardous materials and dangerous goods are defined as articles or substances that when transported, are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety or property. Since they pose such a risk, their transportation by air or ground is extremely critical and requires considerable knowledge and expertise. Our shippers are experts of all aspects of hazardous materials shipping – from certification, documentation, and packaging to marking & labeling. Our team of hazardous materials experts will keep you compliant of all the regulations and requirements of carriers and regulatory agencies.


We prepare your hazardous materials/dangerous goods shipment for packaging in accordance with all applicable regulatory agency rules. We can package all types of cargo for whatever transportation means are required, whether by air, ocean, ground or rail.

Marks & Labels

No hazardous materials and/or dangerous goods shipment is complete without the appropriate marking (design or specification of a packaging) and labeling (hazard or handling) according to the DOT/IATA/IMDG regulations.

Examples of marks include but are not limited to: proper shipping name and identification number, technical names, special permit packagings and consignees or consignor’s name and address.
Labels are used to specify the hazardous material (hazmat) contained in the package. For example: Explosives 1.1, Flammable Liquid, Oxidizer. There are also subsidiary hazard labels to be considered. Labels cannot just be “stuck” on a package. There are placement and label specifications that must be followed.

Marks and labels are often confused and/or used incorrectly, causing avoidable delays in shipments.

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